Thursday, May 31, 2007

Signs & Imprints on Our Heart

Well first let me apologize for not posting yesterday. I came home Tuesday evening & my cable & internet were out. Comcast came out Wed afternoon. I then had to run errands & didn't get back until after 10pm & then I just was so pooped. I'm just getting my act together now.

Now this posting is an inspired one that makes me always wonder about "signs". Remember the movie "Fools Rush In" & "there are signs everywhere" well there are literally but...

Ok, this is what happened. I picked up an older edition of Oprah's magazine to read her "What I Know For Sure" (read the one I read here!). It was about our hearts having imprints from others on them. She talked about Mattie Stepanek having imprints on our hearts for example. Then I finished reading this & come to my computer & the first journal posting I read is Winivere's "You Left Imprints On My Heart". Is that not freaky! You think it was trying to tell me something?

I had found out a great-aunt of mine died this morning & I remember a number of years ago a very special gentleman telling me that people are pieces of our heart like a puzzle and it is sad when a piece is missing. I think now I think of it as not missing really, but rather it is a piece that is placed in there completely & now you look for other pieces. Sometimes they pass away, sometimes they just are not in our lives anymore for another reason but they still have a role in developing our heart. Oprah said...

That's what love does: It fills you up, mends the tattered and broken spaces in your spirit. It makes you feel whole."

It is also interesting because I have been asking God lately just how goofy he really is. Let me explain...

Ok, about a week ago I met this guy shopping for a gift for my cousin & well I thought he was just being nice to me. I never think they are interested in me. He is really funny. I love guys that make me laugh, and the fact that he is a die hard Cubs fan works majorly in his favor!!! Well, I kept thinking about him. Hmm..that should have told me something! I saw him last night & well its definite...he is interested. He asked me out last night & I was like so shocked because that incredibly wonderful feeling when someone is interested in you just automatically came over me. I don't even know where it came from & I'm a bit surprised. Even surprised I'm surprised? Ha! I don't know what to make of it. I guess I'm at a place where I'm ok to feel that way again? Hmmm....I'm not sure I am though but its like, oh well too bad you do. I mean I know he could be a dog, but I guess I'll find out & that is ok. Wierd. So I think God is like a mad scientist combining steaming different colored liquids & saying lets see what happens to her when I add these two & then you see a mini explosion & lots of smoke & hear this weird laugh from him. Well, more lately like he has a voodoo doll of me & is putting pins in it with my back etc. HA! It is just not a good time, my herniated disks, I'm not at my best spirit etc. I just have the weirdest timing for one reason or another in my life. Of course couldn't be even a bit easy for me even for a moment! Ugh! What would a high need for achiever do with an easy life. HA!

So, then to connect this, in case you have lost this, it makes me wonder...maybe it is "the perfect timing"?! Maybe I need this now. Maybe it will heal my heart? Maybe it will mend my tattered pieces & make me feel whole. Even if it is just for a bit...a jump starting of it, so it can get going again? Not that is has been dead but you know this just makes it a bit more energize & special & I don't is just a nice feeling to have isn't it. Maybe it will energize me to heal my body? Maybe he will lead me to "the one" who wants to hold my heart tenderly and take care of it & let me do the same for him. Life is just soooo bizarre isn't it! So, I guess I want to say, we may feel at times that our hearts can get hurt very badly when love ends for one reason or another but it also has such tremendous power to heal and make us stronger if we let it. Each of us can do this for others & there are so many on this planet that can do this for us. I also think that many times those whose hearts are so cold it is because they do not have someone who is loving them and seeing them as somone special on this planet that can do anything they wanted in a more positive way and that is so sad. Well, I'm going to go see this man tonight who is tingling my heart. I hope you have a lovely evening as well.

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vagabondevermore said...

Thanks for the inspiration. I hope your heart strings get tugged on tonight. I think you spoke volumes about loves ability to heal and make us whole. You just gave me an idea for a blog I hope to write later. For now, I am off to exercise. I hope you will stop in and read it later.  ~jan

sunnyside46 said...

I love the thought of imprints on my heart
as for the guy, well, think of it as a nice time, a free dinner, everything else is a bonus.