Monday, June 4, 2007

Are you Standing in the Fire?

Ok, I bet you are wondering...sorry!

My back has been bothering me a bit & my niece came in for the weekend & well, I've been going out with this guy & ummm.... ;-) I'm having a great time. He makes me laugh & ya, at the risk of finding out still later he is a dog & my heart getting bruised (again), he makes me feel so special and he treats me so wonderfully. I have been the one that has been quite hesitant. The first night he was up in my face, literally nose to nose, getting serious on how he will treat me and that he will wait for me to be confortable with him and trust him ...I don't know what he picked up on me that he could sense it, but he did. He is like me when I think of songs & movies. He gave me the example of Garth Brooks "The Dance" and "Standing Outside The Fire" & I love those songs & do believe it but it is so hard to still stand or dance inside the fire.

The Dance:

Standing Outside the Fire:

Well last night I think I let go of a lot & God I was thinking he would get scared & run but so far he isn't. It was harder than I thought taking the risk again but I also knew if I didn't open up then I would like him more & more & it would be harder if he left later. I think what was really shocking me was how comfortable I do feel with him so quickly. It is just odd. Like I should be more held back. I don't know I'm just starting to let go & go with it as he says and whatever will happen will happen. I'm thinking somehow the endorphins he is managing to kick in are helping my back too! HA! ;-)

So I offer both these songs today as inspiration so that you chose to Stand Inside the Fire in whatever area ofyour life you are hesitating and that in the end you will understand it was still worth The Dance.

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seraphoflove9001 said...

How wonderful! :o) I'm so happy for you! :o)

sunnyside46 said...

really enjoyed those videos
garth brooks was great until he lost his mind and did that weird alter ego thing.

justplainbill said...

Only been a reader for a short time. Not usre how I even got to your journal.
Your new friend sounds like a real gentleman, in the true sense of the word. Hope it works out for you and you have a happy life with him.
Good Luck, Bill

acoward15 said...

I haven't heard that for ages.

rdautumnsage said...

I once had a friend say to me with everything that has happened in your life, you have license to be a bitch and miserable for the rest of it. I aked her Why? If I never let go of what happened and tried to find some serenity, I would miss all the wonderful things that would come my way, hiding because I was miserable. You can't change what happened to you, but you can turn the page and have so many new experiences that the weight of the past can't touch. (Hugs) Indigo