Thursday, June 7, 2007

Its A Friendship Festival!

Just a sitting duck in a Torando Watch! Ugh! We are suppose to get 90mph winds! OMG! Ok, I am teaching on Tues & Thurs starting this week and I pop in my office tonight while my students are watching a video & I have a voicemail. It is my new sweetie in my life who has the most amazing big, warm & relaxing hugs ... and that is just the beginning! ;-) !!! He leaves a message that he is going to come when I'm done with work & follow me home because of the weather. Isn't that just the sweetest! He makes me cry all the time...happy tears. He is so sweet to far? :-) Well, turned out the weather was delayed so he just let me call when I was home. Now this tornado watch is until 5am! Ugh!

So now I'm just sitting here hoping this weather goes by without causing chaos! So I have to divert my attention in a good way...and I see I have an newsletter email from
SARK! I have her on my favorite sites.


I'm listening to an interview with her about her newest book Frienship Festival & also some of her other books too. I LOVE her books! I did just get this newest books but haven't been able to read it. I plan to start this weekend. I wanted to share this opportunity to listen to this interview with you. I hope you enjoy it! I think she starts in about 14 min into the time frame and it only goes to about 53 so not too bad? Total fun!



sunnyside46 said...

I went to Sark's site and loved it
I signed up to get emails and I'm going to buy the book when I can

heavenlybama said...

Thx for the great link.  I'm going to sign up for her newsletter.