Saturday, May 26, 2007

Taking Care of Yourself

Well, I thought I would share an interesting idea I heard on Oprah last night. I don't watch often but this was the episode on her Spa Trip. Check out the links on Mindfulness & Meditation etc they are actually good. These are things I've done for my years with my Tai Chi Instructor. Dr. Oz was talking about breathing right & I've been teaching this to my students for years.

Later Martha Beck was on & she talked about how women are always giving to everyone else but don't take care of themselves. She explained we should visualize a child or parent sick in bed & we kneel by their bed & stroke their hair & comfort them, kiss them on the forhead etc. But then we should imagine the person turning over & it is us. She said we should have SELF-COMPASSION. Wow! That really was an eye opener....or Oprah's AHA Moment!

I do that all the time, I may talk about my health issues etc, women like to troubles talk (Dr. Tannen) but we also minimize it...I'll say "But there are people much worse off than me so..." to keep perspective which is good to a point. We don't like pity or self-pity but the perspective is it is not pity if you have the right is compassion. And it is so interesting, people don't have time to talk anymore, they are so busy with their lives or they label people as "whiners" or "high maintenance"  and so they don't get to talk and have to pay a counselor or therapist to listen to you. Actually, even these journals are a form of outlet for many. I know sometimes we do get to & some have friends who will listen quite a bit but how often or are there enough times. Guys even more so...they do activities together but don't always talk about their frustrations etc. 

It was a great reminder that you have to take care of yourself first to take care of others. So give yourself a great big hug today & do something for yourself first. And maybe this means we should be more cognizant that we make sure the people we love are able to take time for themselves or do for them. Maybe we remind them they deserve the time for a walk or reading time or a LOVELY MASSAGE! ;-)  

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