Monday, May 21, 2007

Labyrinths & Life

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to share one of my loves & inspirations with you today - Labyrinths! I walked my first one at the Grand Hotel (Remember "Somewhere in Time") on Mackinac Island and WOW what an "Aha Moment" it was for me.

While I was walking I saw it as the path of life & what I realized while I walked it was first, you seem to pass the same people from time to time. Very interesting if you think about this in life. Sometimes they are going in the opposite direction though...because they are not at the same point as you in life. Ahhhh...

Then on certain parts it winds & you seem to be going backwards but you are really progressing. Hmm...You seem to be even in the same area but you are still progressing. Interesting huh?!

Next, some people catch up to you or pass you, then they or you start to walk slower & you may end up ahead of them, then it changes again. Everyone has different paces at different parts on this path. Think about that as far as life's journey.

Some even got tired & just stopped & left the path...hmmm.

There are so many twists & turns that you might even think you are a bit dizzy but it is also fun...kinda like a roller coaster...ahh...think I know why I love those too now! :-)

The only thing that bothered me a bit was that it has of course a set path to you can't take your own path really & that I'm not totally thrilled with but it can't be all things so...

NO this is not Thinking Too Much! :-) This is When People Don't Think Enough...hmmm...sounds like a title of another journal...Ha! :-) I'll have to think about that some more! :-)


heavenlybama said...

I've been to Mackinac Island and missed this.  Maybe on the next trip.

seraphoflove9001 said...

That is very true! :o) When people 'don't' think enough! :o)