Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Some Inspiration For You!


As I mentioned above, I am creating this journal to log the quotes, stories & pictures which I find inspiring. I had them in my other journal "Me Thinks Too Much" but when I want to retrieve them again I have to find where I posted them in the archives so I thought this might work better. I thought the journal title fit too! HA!

I hope you will find these posts inspiring to you as well. If you do have something you would like to share, email them to me and I will consider posting it. PLEASE do not be offended if I choose not to. Everyone has different tastes & you certainly can post on your journal if I do not choose to. 

P.S. I love Willow Tree Angels & this one especially! Just looking at her makes me feel so confident, strong and a feeling of accomplishment. It is like the big "YES!" This is what I think inspiration can help us feel like & what I think we can all use a bit of from time to time! I hope these postings help you get there each day. I will try to post 1 each day, hopefully in the morning (though it may be late!) to take with you throughout your day!

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