Friday, May 18, 2007

Where Did That Kid Go?

Ok, Everyone...

Someone posted this on their site...(scratch head...can't remember) but I just couldn't get enough last night! First, I LOVE ELO!!! I think it combines rock with classical so that appeals to me. It was one of the first Albums I had as a teen. I won their A New World Record from WLS radio station with a t-shirt & concert tickets. My folks would not let me go to the concert though! Ugh! We are talking almost 30 years now & I still have the t-shirt & the one the neighbor's sons got me at the concert when my folks gave them the tickets! My folks still owe me big time on this one!!!

So why do I use this for today's entry? It has two things which are important for our well-being. First is singing!!! Music, no matter what speaks to your spirit, is vital! Even if you are like me & a closet shower singer it is important to let your spirit SING in many different ways! :-) Ok, so I sing in the car too. Except today...had to hear the CUBS beat the White Sox...Woo Hoo! When they did get ahead I was screaming in the car at the light & I had my windows open & the guy next to me was too! Ha! So then we looked at each others & said YAAAA to each other! HA!

Next, the puppet idea reminds us how much fun making puppets or doing other kid things are for our spirit also. We get old by letting that kid in us disappear slowly as we age. Remember the Toys R Us Kid Commercial? (below)

Well find that kid in you again! I think this is why I love being with my nieces or talking to kids in the stores. Just a few weeks ago I was looking at the summer balls in the bin they have for kids. This mother came by & YELLED at her 2 daughters "Don't touch the balls!" I thought she was yelling at me! GEEZ! I said, "Hey, you girls want to catch these for me?" and winked. Of course they were all over that. Ya, you better believe I'm not going to let that mother get away with it. So the girls caught the balls & we tossed them back & forth in the store twice. Their faces lit up like you wouldn't believe! I had fun & guess what...that crotchedy OLD mother actually smiled and "GOT IT!" In fact, everyone around us was smiling & having fun. So why don't adults just break out & play with the toys in the store...geez would we get yelled at? The kids are here on this planet I think to remind us to PLAY and have FUN! ;-) So are puppies & kittens! ;-) My brother just got a puppy & I had fun tonight with it & I always play with the kittens when I see them. I think it is in the genes dad once saw a kid by the Frosty the Snowman display where you push the button & it sings the song. This kid wanted to push the button so bad & his mom wouldn't let him. My dad went & pushed every one of them!!! HA! I witnessed this & just couldn't believe my dad did this...amazing what happens when they become grandparents! HA!

Ok, so SING, find your child & have FUN...& I'd add DANCE too, because I can't help but dance when I hear music...ok so with 2 herniated disks I'm not letting those hips go like they usually do, but I have to dance! ;-) This is your goal for today! Find your rubber ducky & sing & have fun in the bath tub...invite a friend if you can! HA! ;-) I remember one time I was sooo exhausted I didn't have the energy to take my nieces toys out of the tub & filled it up & kept them in. I felt odd! WHY?! I forced myself to play with them & do you know I gained soooo much energy! That should tell us something! So I think for people's big birthdays I will make a basket of fun toys to play with to stay young. Do you think I can make a business out of that?! :-) Hope the video makes you smile!


rdautumnsage said...

We should all be a kid at heart, keeps us learning and wanting more of life! (Hugs) Indigo

seraphoflove9001 said...

LOL...I remember that comercial and I loved ELO!!! :o) You bet I'm still a kid at heart! :o) My grandson like to get on my back....whule I'm on my bed....and I'm pretend to be an elephant! LOL Thats a sight to see! He loves it and Just to hear his laughter is pricless! :o) I will never grow up! LOL :o) Thanks for the smiles!

heavenlybama said...

Thanx for stopping by my journal and leaving your links.  Love the vids!  I've put ya on alerts and will be back.  Thanx for your prayers for my hubby too!

sunnyside46 said...

I loved this!
I wnt to the ER a year ago cause I fell out of a tree. (I thought I had broken a rib, but I was okay) The serious llittle intern was appalled, "what were you doing in a tree?" I was incredulous, "climbing it, of course"