Friday, May 18, 2007

What Matters Most...

I love this picture!!!

Now I'm not suggesting one should have un-authenthic self-esteem, but many times people don't see the lion in us, our real potential, and even more importantly we don't see it in ourselves. I guess this goes along with yesterday's quote! :-) I guess this is why I find it amazing when someone does see all the wonderful potential in another. That is a person to really cherish and hold on to. This is someone who "gets what life is about" and to me knows what love is. We have to also make sure we look for the lion in others as well. It is rare for people to be "all bad." So lets take today to look deeper in ourselves &  in others.

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rdautumnsage said...

Well said! I have always said it's not what's on the outside , but what's on the inside of a person that has value. (Hugs) Indigo