Monday, May 28, 2007

Everyday Heroes/Angels

Today, or rather yesterday now, was a day to honor some of our heroes. Not to diminish their significance, but it made me think of really the idea that we should have a day which honors so many other types of heroes or Angels in our lives. It also makes me think of who are our heroes? What does it take to be hero? There are so many everyday ordinary heroes. Do we tell those we consider our heroes? Are we are hero to someone? Remember Sandra Bullock's line in "While You Were Sleeping" when she tells Peter Gallagher he is a hero for giving up his seat to a woman..."It is to the person who you gave the seat to." Also, remember Grumpy Old Men when Jack Lemon asks Ann-Margret if she believes in Angels & she says, "Oh ya, they are all around us. You have to look hard but they are there whenever anything good happens to us." :-)

Who is the wind beneath your wings? I just love Bette and this song.  It is songs like this that I wish I had a better voice so I could sing them to those who I consider my heroes.

     Did you ever know that you're my hero,
     and ev'rything I would like to be?
     I can fly higher than an eagle,
     'cause you are the wind beneath my wings.

And I think this is what I look for in people (& probably a mate)...there is a light in them. It is like they smile with their eyes. They "get it"...they KNOW what life is really about.  They make it their mission to make other people's lives better. I think I like being around them so I can push myself to do that more each day myself. They are also ones who see the potential in you, sometimes more than you do. They are someone who gets others to think more positively of themselves & the world. Some may call them unrealistic, butI call them optimisitc...think about that! Hmmm...

Which brings me to this next song of Bette's. They believe in all posibilities. They keep striving to make the world a better place. I tell my students when they see some type of brick wall, barrier in their lives, that they do not have to knock down the whole wall. If they think about it, they can each make a contribution...a small hole in the wall & with everyone's effort it can come down. Also, if they think about it, a few small holes placed strategically could bring the wall down with very little effort. In this way we can all be heroes with every step we take. Opening a door for someone, etc. it collectively adds to make the world a happier and better place.  And really...if you think about it...isn't it just LOVE?! Love for for the planet and all creatures on it. It is someone who is grounded and knows Love is the only thing that matters.  

Check out this website of heroes like Mattie Stepanek and others!

Ok, so now that I've totally gone sappy I'll go! ;-)

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seraphoflove9001 said...

I agree! I couldn't listen to those two songs bcause they always make me cry! :o) I love Bette! Yes, I do "get it." I just wish others see that I do.

rdautumnsage said...

Beautiful, thought provoking entry. Loved it! You are my hero or was the song titled Wind beneath my wings. Anyhow love hearing it. (Hugs) Indigo

jmoqueen said...

Mmmmmmmmm..........I guess it depends on the individual what makes a hero.  To me it's probably someone who has done more than I could ever dream of but makes me think I could achieve it in some way or another if that makes sense.