Sunday, June 10, 2007

Embrace Your Transformations


Sorry I didn't get this posted yesterday. I was doing pretty good earlier in the day, took Sam & Ella back to the vet, enjoyed the lovely weather on the way there & back, found a few tops on sale I've been needing and then later in the evening I got into some kind of funk. Interesting how quickly we can go from one emotion to the other, and how very little it can take...which though when you think about it does give hope to go back to the happy state! :-)  I'm still working on it but a bit better now. If my shoulder would loosen up I'd be really happy...of course it may be that I need to get happy for it to loosen up...I know, you can see right now where I'm at. HA!

Ok, so where am I going with this & what is with the catepillars & butterflies etc? Well, last night I read my newsletter from Deepak Chopra on Transformations. And what is the first words right out of the box?

Change can be scary.

EEECK!!!! Well, really? I know that very well. Well, to some know we don't mind change when we are young do we. I have nieces so trust me, even if I couldn't remember, which I do, they remind me all the time! The soon to be 10 yr old came home from school & told her mom that some boy asked her to be his girlfriend. She said yes of course because "he was cute" and he tells her that she has to play basketball with him everyday after school! HA! Not a few weeks before this she got in my car to come for the weekend & said, "Auntie..look at my pierced ears & my nails & my new (training) bra!" AHHHHH! Where did that little girl go? Of course she is all thrilled. I give her tablets to write words. Last time she was picking words out of my psych text to learn...her teacher is going to love that one but I loved it. Well, I went to see what new words she had & instead I found...

"Dear Diary....

I have my first boyfriend. I'm so excited to have our first kiss. He is so handsom(e),"

UGH! I have no idea where she got those genes! ;-) She has been boy crazy for years though she did once tell me they don't like girls & I said well, you know they think girls have cooties for a while but they will come around.

Now on the same day my 16 yr old niece came home & told her mom that her boyfriend of like 8 mo came up to her & her friends & told her he didn't like her anymore, he was at some girls house the last two nights watching tv & wanted to break up with her. My little niece said she was crying all night.   

Now, both are going through Transformations & they are eager to do this. They can't wait to wear make-up, date, drive, go to college etc. I'm like Whoooo baby...lets put the brakes on a bit, but they can't wait. Do you remember this? HA! I do! Like that day I got to walk into my dorm & my folks were leaving! It is a good thing they could not see the big ole smile on my face. Ha! I was just so thrilled to be on my own. Now not that may parents were not wonderful, they were...I think they are worse now! Ha!

Now Deepak says...

With change comes the unknown…the uncertain. And we often fear what we don’t know.

You know it was a bit scary when we were younger, maybe for some more than me but, we didn't really fear the unknown then. We got in that car for driver's was our folks that feared the unknown of that! HA! We didn't fear dating the "unknown guy". We didn't fear going to that college party and not knowing what would happen. Ha! Somewhere later the unknown seems to get a bit scarier. Isn't that interesting. Is it because there are possibly more consequences?  

The next big point he reminds us of...

You have your version of how things are supposed to work out.

Whooo baby! How true is that for many of us! I know it is for me. I mean well they tell you to plan & then they say don't care if those plans work out? This seems contradictory! HA! But I know what he is getting at. We should still keep in mind that no matter how things work out it may be for the best & a lesson for us & will transform us nontheless. How it transforms us also depends on what perspective we choose to have.

P.S. I always love these fuzzy ones when I see them! :-)

Next, Deepak gets really deep...dare he "thinks too much" ha!

But change comes in each moment. You are not the same person you were when you began to read this. Those few sentences above are now part of your make-up. Every interaction, conversation, meal, thought, and activity you engage in today will shift your physiology and your emotional state. We’re often not aware of these subtle shifts because they happen so incrementally. Yet by tomorrow, you will be changed – even if only a bit.

How true! We don't really notice this. It is when we feel the big shifts. This brings me back to how our started me posting on my emotional state transforming. Just think of music how quickly a song can transform your mood, or someone telling a joke or like today in Wal Mart, I'm in line & these parents in the line next to me have twin boys in a stroller. The stroller is one child behind the other. They are screaming & the father is saying "Did you bite the other one" and wasn't being at all bad with the boys but then the older brother, maybe 5-6 yrs old came up to the one behind who may have had his finger bit & he checks out his finger & he gave the most tender hug to his brother...I was like OMG...this young boy when he grows up if he is the same way he is going to melt the womens hearts! It didn't hurt that he was a very attractive boy too. I was like where is my 10 yr old niece...she should meet him, he'd only be 5 yrs younger...ha! My niece is like that too so they would be a perfect match. Well, I was just so overwhelmed with a loving feeling. I was smiling at him so much. He saw me and I'm glad becasue that would be great positive reinforcement (oops did I let that psych term come out! HA!) I was going to say something to the parents but I didn't get close enough to strike up the conversation. That little boy changed my emotional state soooooo much! We get into our adult worlds & stress & if we observe children more, play with them etc we can get back to a good place. And we have to watch what they are observing & learning from us...ugh!

Sorry I couldn't resist with this one! Ha! Humor is good!

Deepak then goes on to say...

One of the reasons we fear this change is that we think that once we change, we will be stuck there – doomed for eternity to suffer the scenario you feared most. But what if you could embrace the fact that your transformation never stops. That wherever you are in your mind will change and wherever you end up, that too will change. The person you will be tomorrow will transform again into the person of the next day and the next. Now you are able to see not just the static aspects of yourself but the ever growing, ever re-birthing, ever-evolving aspect of you. And there’s a bonus…each time you transform…you open yourself to an abundance of possibilities which means you have the ability to be reborn in each moment.

Can I get a YIPEE! :-) You know we forget that when we are down or well it is just hard to realize when you are in the middle of it. When you lost that job, or loss a loved one or a relationship stops etc. People will try to tell you this, which usually just makes things worse but it is really true. This reminds me of the saying in "The Sound of Music" "When God closes a door, he opens a window". I always tell my mom he manages to open the windows on the 64th floor though! HA! Sorry, guess I'm in a better mood now...must be thinking of that little boy again. You know there are just moments in ones life you will never little reminders to think of again later. Like now that Braves just got ahead of the Cubs...ugh! I really do believe there are messages everyday if we are observing...even in ourselves. And I think we give them to others also. Sometimes we are the bad example of what not to do though but maybe that does serve a purpose in a way. No, I'm not excusing bad behavior here but I know when I see someone getting upset I say, "See that is what you look like so be careful!"

A beautiful Transformation I found!

Last point I want to share from Deepak's posting...

In every moment we have a choice. Whatever we choose, we are opening ourselves to transformation and the abundance of possibilities it offers us.

Oh man...the key word here is CHOICE!!!!  We forget that every action we do, even what we speak, listen to & think about is a CHOICE! Who we listen to and Believe...friends or family who do not send good messages, who do not see in us the potential & help us get there rather than bring us down etc! We need to be very careful to resist those kind of messages transforming us in a unhealthy way. It is not love that does this! They may think so but it isn't! And I'm not saying they are trying to be hurtful, even the best of us don't always realize it. I think I need to add a reminder here. I have this on a beautiful poster in my Angel bathroom right next to the angel that is blowing you a kiss. I know interesting theme for a bathroom but...

(I just realized from copying & pasting from the web this was not the one I had. Not bad but I'm retyping this to what I have!)

Love is patient and kind;
Love is not jealous or boastful;
It is not arrogant or rude.

Love does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice in wrong, but rejoices in the right.
Love bears all things,
believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.
Love never ends.

We don't always remember this in the heat of the moment when we are upset. Sometimes we are kinder to strangers than the people we love. Hmmm...something to keep working on.

Lastly, I wanted to use this just perfect collage of butterflies below to remind us to celebrate the diversity in our transformations. We are all on different places in our transformations. We don't all go through the same transformations, and thank God that would be boring. We can learn from each other. We should see the beautiful differences in each & every one of us. Isn't it odd that when we see different butterflies we stop & notice them & point them out. We need to do this more with people! We need to remember that even people who are not quite in a good place are still transforming and have so much potential & we can choose to help their transformation or hurt it.

Ok, have I exhausted this? HA! I'm still thinking! :-)


seraphoflove9001 said...

What a wonderful entry! :o) I totally agree! Thats one of the reasons I love butterflies. ;o) They represent transfromation. This may sound funny...years ago, after something bad happened to me...I got a small butterfly tattoo on my left shoulder to represent to me of my transformations in my life! I know they will never stop. :o)

dwhee70041 said...

The whole time I was reading I was waiting to see the butterflies....I knew they would be there.  Thanks for the wonderful pictures. I'm gald we can remember that age of innocence.  I often find myself closeing my eyes, taking a deep breath and mentally going back.  Then my 16 year old starts up on his drum set and I am jolted back to reality.

ceilisundancer said...

Oh, the photos!  :)  I loved them.  And, yes, my daughter turns 13 next month, grown at least half a foot this past year or year and a half, something like that.   I know it's healthy for her to have that crush, but, I'm happy to have her wait to date-date.  :)  -- Robin  

sunnyside46 said...

I put this in my favorites where I can read it again and again
beautiful thoughts, beautifully written
Thank you

mariealicejoan said...

Wonderful posting!  I didn't know this page existed until you mentioned it in your other journal!  I'll be back to catch up with it all after I get back from my holidays!  I really want music on my own journal. I have a song uploaded and everything but don't know how to embed it!  Any ideas?
Take care and God Bless,

acoward15 said...

I change my underpants. That's enough change for me at the moment.

msaclou said...

WOW!!!!  Great stuff!!!