Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Take the Chance!

Because I Said So is on HBO right now...not that I don't have it! HA! I love Stephen Collins...isn't he hot! HA! There are sooo many great lines in that movie, like when Diane Keaton tells "Johnny" it is pride that is creating a wall & he should not waste one single minute. Man! I mean if you don't take the chance on love or risk on finding out & asking someone then you just will never know what it is all about! And if you can't take the risk on that then how will you ever risk other things in life & be able to have the courage to get through life.

I also love the ending where "Johnny" tells her what he loves about her...how all the quirky things others do not particular care for in her he loves! He gets her & also finds her so vibrant. I mean have fun people! Life is meant to have a blast! I think we forget this as we get older & those who don't forget really get what life is really about. Wild Abandonment is not necessarily bad or illegal or hurtful. It gets a real bad name! It is the spontaniety of life which makes life fun and joyful & full of energy.

And on that note I'll just say I bought red & green jingle bell earings tonight! HA! It will be here before you know it & despite the fact that I have medical bills up the Wahoo I refuse to not have fun! I need this holiday to keep me sane! HA! I just saw someone's house all lit up & decorated for Christmas already tonight on the way home. I said, "Thank You God I needed that" and I am going to start decorating! :-) I have Friday off & man I'm going to start bringing the spirit in. And the Lite FM is already playing Christmas music 24 hrs & AOL radio has some channels for Christmas so...let the spirit glow within! Take the chance & light your spirit with love anyway you can! :-)


mariealicejoan said...

I love the Christmas Season. I need to really get cracking with my shopping.  I heard on the telly the other day there are only 7 weeks left!

chat2missie said...

I saw that movie and liked it also.  Enjoy your Wednesday.

justplainbill said...

<<<Take the chance & light your spirit with love anyway you can!>>>

Loved your closing, thanks Bill

ceilisundancer said...

Got to keep up your spirits:)  However that works for you!!

slapinions said...

You really liked that movie? I enjoy romantic comedies, true, and I'm not an over-the-top feminist (obviously) but yowsers. She's so obsessed with 'marrying off' her daughter that you'd think it was 1940. And that whole 'never climaxed in my life, not even by myself' bit  . really? really?


lurkynat said...

dear Deborah, hi!
I miss yur journal!
Any chance you'll add on to it?
How is your summer?

MariesImages said...

I love this movie!!!!
SOme really great quotes through out!

Dave K said...

NOOOOO!!! Not Christmas music already!! http://davek-deadinvestigations.blogspot.com/

Winivere said...

Hi. Thanks for visiting & following my blog. I see you found me again! LOL @ Xmas decorating already?! It's not even Thanksgiving yet, girl!

marti said...

hey girl!
the neighborhood just keeps getting better!
come sit on The Porch!